Why is NC getting yanked into a dust up between Diddy and an ex-WWE figure?

Why is NC getting yanked into a dust up between Diddy and an ex-WWE figure?

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Sean Diddy Combs, also known as Diddy, announced Saturday that he's changing his name (yet again!) to Brother Love. His choice set off a social media ruckus with fans of former WWE producer Bruce Prichard, who is also known as Brother Love.

However, fans of both celebrities were apparently stumped Monday over why North Carolina got dragged into the issue. After Diddy announced via Twitter that Love and Brother Love were his new names, Prichard responded with a tweet that said: "Yo. Find a new gimmick. I invented the perfected Brother Love. I am the original and you are not. Remember North Carolina."

That has been retweeted 1,000 times and liked 3,300 times, yet many people have asked, "What happened in North Carolina?"

A few of the assumptions have been hilariously off base, including an article on Refinery29.com in which the writer got Charlottesville, Virginia, mixed up with a city in North Carolina.

"I don't know what he means by 'Remember North Carolina. If he's referring to the white nationalist protests in Charlottesville where people were allegedly angered by the removal of confederate statues, then he is a horrible person," wrote Madison Medieros on Refinery29.

The sports web site SBNation.com said Monday that it, too, is mystified by the N.C. reference, which it called "oddly threatening."

"The whole thing is bizarre," wrote SB Nation writer James Dator.

Connections between Texas-born Prichard, Diddy and North Carolina are hard to find. However, Prichard posted a video on his Facebook page Monday, claiming he and Diddy met while staying in the same N.C. Holiday Inn back in the early '90s. He said Diddy was "in awe to meet the real Brother Love." Prichard claims he was accompanied by wrestling promoter Vince McMahon and wrestler Pat Paterson at the time.

"Maybe it's because he's lost all originality," Prichard says of Combs' new name change. "Maybe it's because he's irrelevant. Maybe he just wants people to know who the hell he is, and hope that he can capitalize off some of the fame I created way back when."

For those unfamiliar with Prichard, Wrestling Inc. says he was a pro-wrestling aficionado who was everywhere during the late-'80s and early-'90s, including hosting his own weekly show, "The Brother Love Show." Later, he managed the wrestler star known to fans as The Undertaker. The Brother Love character is described by Wrestling Inc as "a disingenuous preacher who claimed to spread the message of love. The bizarre red-faced character was inspired by controversial televangelists of the time."

Prichard now does a wrestling podcast on MLWRadio.com, according to his Twitter page.

Diddy hasn't responded to Prichard, and his Twitter page still carried the old name of Sean Diddy Combs on Monday.