BLOG: Rain chances going up, temperatures going down

BLOG: Rain chances going up, temperatures going down

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As is typical around here during the fall season, the weather is about to take a couple of turns.  While rain chances will be going up, temperatures will be going down.

On the weather map today, we're tracking a cold front that will cross the WBTV viewing today with just a couple of showers (best chance appears to be up over the mountains).  The front is forecast to stall just to our south Tuesday, as several waves of low pressure ride east along it through midweek.  Each wave could bring a round of rain and eventually much chillier air will be shoved south as the waves drift east.

The first batch of rain appears to arrive in the area early enough Tuesday to impact the morning commute (especially west of I-77) and so a First Alert Day has been declared.  As for temperatures, there will be quite a spread across the region Tuesday, with highs around Charlotte (and points south/east) near 70°, cooling off to the upper 50s along and north of I-40.

We'll all wind up in the chilly 50s Wednesday and Thursday as the front gets shoved progressively farther south midweek and additional rain (perhaps spotty and light) drifts across the region.

By Friday, the last of the low-pressure waves should be off to our east and so a nice drying trend – but continued cooler-than-average temperatures - is likely for the close of the work week and start of the weekend.

- Al Conklin