Alexander Assisted Living Center to close, criminal investigation underway

Alexander Assisted Living Center to close, criminal investigation underway

TAYLORSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Two and a half months after the director of an assisted living center was jailed on charges she stole narcotics meant for residents, authorities are looking into a suspected second case involving another staffer.

The news comes as the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services says it will not renew the license for Alexander Assisted Living. The current provisional license expires on November 8. That means all residents still at the facility must be out by the close of business on that day.

Officials at the center would not comment.

A state inspection of the facility found numerous violations. It's because of those violations and failure to remedy them that state officials say they made the decision not to renew the license.

The October 11 report cites problems with food handling and feeding of residents. It also claims that glucose testing kits were shared and exposed residents to the transmission of blood-borne diseases. The report also states that a bubble pack of Percocet pills had been tampered with and that five pills meant for a resident had been removed and replaced with Tylenol.

The report claims the facility suspended one staffer and that the staffer never did return to work. It also states that the facility never informed local law enforcement. Last week, however, the state did.

Sheriff Chris Bowman says his deputies are looking into possible drug charges against the person who is identified in the state report as "Staffer G." State officials say the local DSS and other agencies are helping to place residents in other facilities before Alexander Assisted Living closes.

Those officials could not say how many residents were still in the facility.

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