You can’t have this $200 beer in North Carolina, even if you can afford it

You can’t have this $200 beer in North Carolina, even if you can afford it

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (LaVendrick Smith | The Charlotte Observer) - Samuel Adams is about to release a beer that'll cost you $200 per bottle.

And if the price didn't stop you, the law will.

The beer has such high alcohol content that it's illegal in North Carolina.

The Boston-based brewer is releasing the drink, Utopias, in November. It's the tenth time they've released the beer in the United States, according to the company's release.

Utopias is an "extreme" barrel-aged beer – some batches having been aged up to 24 years. But with a whopping 28 percent alcohol by volume, you won't be legally having this drink in North Carolina.

The state outlaws the sale of beer with more than 15 percent alcohol by volume, according to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission's website. You can't purchase wine in the state that is more than 24 percent.

But don't feel too lonely, Carolina drinkers. North Carolina is one of 12 states where Utopias won't be sold. (The list also includes South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, according to Thrillist, in case you were considering driving out of state for it.)

If you are OK with traveling for the legal purchase of this rare drink – there are only 13,000 bottles being sold nationwide – be warned: Utopias is not your typical beer.

The high alcohol content removes carbon dioxide, making it not carbonated, according to Fortune magazine, which suggests just a one-ounce taste.