Locals support new Salisbury fire station on Cedar Springs Road

Locals support new Salisbury fire station on Cedar Springs Road
Source: Salisbury Fire Department
Source: Salisbury Fire Department

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Those local residents who attended the open house hosted by the Salisbury Fire Department supported the idea of the new station to be built on Cedar Springs Road.

The open house was held on Wednesday night at Fire Station 2 on S. Main Street.

The new Station 6 will be designed to serves residents in the southernmost areas of the city, primarily the incorporated areas south of the Mid Carolina Airport.

The new station has been planned for many years to provide timely emergency response in the areas of Camp Road, Long Meadow Drive, Grace Church Road, Airport Road and the neighborhoods of Stoney Brook, Kings Forrest, Matika Villa, Little Acres, Weatherstone and the Long Meadow Industrial Park.

To facilitate the construction of the fire station, the Salisbury Fire Department identified approximately six acres of undeveloped property located at 310 Cedar Springs Road, just west of Highway 29 South. This site provides access to all the main roads and facilitates timely emergency response, according to officials.

The acreage offers space for the station and a significant natural buffer all around. The land was evaluated, tested, vetted and zoned appropriately for a fire station, and has access to utilities such as natural gas, water, adequate electrical power and sewer.

The City of Salisbury purchased the property specifically for the Fire Station project in early 2017.

City of Salisbury firefighters/EMTs will staff Station Number 6 on a 24-hour basis. The fire department's training and safety officers also will be housed there. A modern fire truck and a reserve fire truck will respond from Station Number 6, as will the specialized Hazmat team's multiple vehicles and support trailers.

Building plans call for accommodations for 10 on-duty firefighter/EMTs (two fire teams and the above listed officers), a medical treatment room, equipment maintenance and storage areas and in-service training facilities. A four-story tower on the property will be used to air-dry fire hoses and as a prop for firefighter training. An emergency electrical generator will be installed in the case of a power outage.

Office space designated specifically for the Salisbury Police Department will be located in the front administrative/office wing.

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