Security expert speaks on terror threats following NYC attack

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The annual Charlotte Salute to Veterans Parade is set to take place Saturday in uptown. Hundreds are expected to march in the event that is organized by the Carolinas Freedom Foundation.

The parade will come just days after a deadly terrorist attack in New York City, but Carolinas Freedom Foundation Executive Director Osborne Oakley isn't worried about any threats Saturday.

"We have such confidence and our Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police do such a great job of controlling it," said Oakley Wednesday.

Oakley said there will be barricades up blocking streets from traffic and police officers will be patrolling at intersections. He said that every year the parade goes off without a hitch.

"So far we haven't had anyone picketing, carrying signs," explained Oakley.

They've never dealt with violence at the event either.

The truck attack in New York City is not the first of its kind. Using a vehicle to plow into a crowd has been an Isis directive for two years, according to WBTV Safety and Security Expert Karl de la Guerra.

"We have seen this (terror threats) progress from Europe to America on a variety of these things," said de la Guerra.

He said no city can be completely safe from terror threats. Charlotte has a number of greenways and bike paths that could be viewed as soft targets for terror.

"There is nothing that makes one city less of a target than any other one in America. It all depends on the proximity and focus of the next bad guy," said de la Guerra.

While Oakley is not worried about something happening at Saturday's parade, he has still taken notice of the events unfolding in New York City.

"It disappoints me and angers me. I guess it's going to be a way of life," said Oakley regarding the terror attack.

The Charlotte Salute to Veterans Parade begins Saturday morning at 11 a.m. on North Tryon Street.

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