Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment period begins

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Despite all the chatter in Washington lately, the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obamacare is still the law of the land. That means it is time to secure a health care plan for 2018.

The ACA enrollment period began Wednesday and will continue until Dec. 15.

Many people are expected to sign up or re-enroll online. Agents at Broome Associates Insurance agency in Hickory suggest it might be a better idea to talk with an agent by phone or in person.

Andrew Kaiser said the process and number of plans can be confusing and speaking directly with an agent can help in choosing a plan instead of doing it via computer. Navigating through the plans with different copays and different deductibles is easier in person, said Kaiser.

"And it will not cost you a penny more," said Kaiser.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only company offering ACA plans across North Carolina.

Despite some indications, lower costs are possible for people who qualify. One other misconception is that people can now buy the insurance across state lines.

Kaiser said the hearings following President Trump's executive order have not been completed and it could be a while before it is. In any case, it will not happen in time for 2018.

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