Lincoln County family still hopes missing woman will be found

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Brenda Green still holds out hope that her adopted daughter will be found one day.

Toasha Nicole Rice aka "Nickie Green" has been missing since May of 2014. She was 26 years old when she went missing.

Brenda Green, Rice's adopted mother, sat down with WBTV to discuss her daughter's disappearance and plead for the public's help in finding her. She's hoping someone will come forward with information about Rice's whereabouts.

She said the last time she heard from her adopted daughter was when Rice had asked for a ride from a friend's home. However, when Green went to pick Rice up, a man at the residence said Rice had left.

"He said she had left from somebody in a black car and that's the last we seen or heard of her," said Green.

Her adopted daughter was subsequently reported missing and detectives with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office began searching for Rice. They've followed up on several tips and leads, but haven't found her.

"Somebody knows something, nobody don't just vanish," said Green.

Pictures of an adult Rice can still be found with a quick search through social media. A number of news outlets and missing persons groups have shared her photo on Facebook.

Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter thinks that utilizing social media to spread the word about a missing person can be good to a certain extent.

"The social media aspect can be very positive on being able to reach many, many people," said Carpenter. "It can also be somewhat negative when people start spreading different rumors and things that aren't true."

He said rumors are something his detectives have had to sift through in the Rice case.

"There's been so many rumors that have swirled around that case and we chase down those rumors and different things like that," explained Carpenter.

Officials say dozens of searches have been conducted in the Rice case. Deputies and detectives have searched on land and in bodies of water. Thus far, they haven't been successful, but the sheriff still holds out hope she will turn up.

"I'm still holding out hope that she's alive somewhere," said Carpenter.

Green hopes that eventually someone who knows where her daughter is will come forward.

"I just wish she was here with the kids and help me with the kids. Somebody please help," said Green.

Both Carpenter and Green said that Rice was associated with a rough crowd. That doesn't change the fact that they want to find her.

If you know anything about Rice's disappearance please contact the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

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