Forever Family: Meet Summarah

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - While many holidays are special for children, I can't think of one more focused toward kids than Halloween. Oh the memories of my mom making my costume (Snoopy was my favorite), followed by her patiently painting my face all while the anticipation grew as the hunt for candy approached.

Watching the setting sun give way to twilight in that crisp October air, the doorbells ringing, the joyful sounds of other children coming from virtually every direction is all still seared into my memory.

Halloween… yet one more joyful occasion I, along with all my other friends, just took for granted. Now older and wiser, I know firsthand what a privilege it was to celebrate something seemingly so ordinary.

For so many children who don't have families, imagine what an extraordinary thrill it would be walking up the road with your right hand holding your mom's hand, while your left hand was clutching that candy bag?

Let's make that happen, shall we?  Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on Prime Time News, we feature a child patiently hoping and waiting a family will deem them worthy to be called their son or daughter, worthy to be called someone's sister or brother… worthy to be given their own candy bag.

Please meet Summarah and her siblings. She is hoping to find a Forever Family that will adopt her along with her brother and sister. The only thing these children have are each other.

I met them all, and Summarah is simply delightful, and mature well beyond her years!  All three are filled with love and ready to share their lives with anyone who will extend them their hand.

Please consider adopting these beautiful children - Summarah's right hand will be waiting for you!

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