Navy sailor, pregnant wife from Indian Trail shot during OfferUp exchange in Virginia

Courtesy of family
Courtesy of family
Courtesy of family
Courtesy of family

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - An United States Navy Sailor from Indian Trail and his pregnant wife are currently recovering in the hospital after an alleged shooting incident Saturday night.

The sailor's family spoke to WBTV in a Facetime interview Monday night and asked that the family's last name not be used.

The couples' first names are Frederick and Emily according to family members still living in Indian Trail.

Family members said they got a call about the shooting Saturday night and drove up to Virginia to see their loved ones.

Frederick's sister, Cate, said the couple was looking to buy a cellphone from someone they met on the app, OfferUp. She said the couple drove to meet the seller at a location in Portsmouth, Virginia. When they arrived at their destination, several men met them at their vehicle, approaching both sides of the car.

"At that point when they had just walked up, they put a gun through my brother's window," explained Cate.

She said that her brother tried to start the car and drive off, but then the men started firing.

"They didn't ask for any money, didn't ask for anything, they just started unleashing," said Cate.

She said her brother and his wife were both hit by gunfire, but were able to drive off, eventually meeting a police officer nearby.

Family members said Frederick was hit two times. One bullet hit him in the side of the head. Another bullet hit him in the side of the torso and also struck one of his arms. They said Frederick has lost vision in his left eye and may also lose vision in his right eye.

Family members said Emily was shot in the chest, but the bullet missed her heart by a few centimeters. Her unborn baby was also unharmed.

"My brother was top ten percent in his class in the Navy. The Navy was his life. They have a baby on the way and now his future is questioned," said Cate.

The family is unsure who is responsible for shooting their loved ones. They're hoping that sharing this story will lead to an arrest.

"It's frustrating because you don't know who did it at this point and who knows how long it will be before we find out who did it," said Cate.

The family also issued a warning to anyone using an app like OfferUp to buy or sell a product.

"Don't meet people in an unsafe place. That is the point we are trying to get out to the public. If it seems to good to be true, it's not," said Cate.

The family said that the support they have received from the U.S. Navy has been great.

Frederick's father, Randall, said that members of the Navy met him at the hospital when he arrived to see his son.

Some members of the family will continue to stay with Emily and Frederick in Virginia while they continue the recovery process.

A GoFundMe page has been setup to help provide financial assistance to Frederick and Emily. A link to the page can be found below.

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