VIDEO: Package thefts reported in Charlotte's Belmont neighborhood

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A neighbor in Charlotte's Belmont neighborhood says she does not know the man seen on her home security footage – but this weekend, he got to know her front porch.

Security video shows him looking around and ringing the doorbell three times. He then decides to use his jacket to apparently wipe off the buzzer, then sees himself out with a package that had been sitting near the door.

Thieves that fit this description have been dubbed "porch pirates," and they are popping up across the country. But along with them are the latest ways to make sure deliveries end up in the right hands.

Amazon, a popular spot for online shoppers, is launching the heavily-debated "Amazon Key" that lets the employees into the shopper's home. It also introduced "Amazon Locker," locations where packages can be shipped and held for up to three days. There are 20 of those in the Charlotte area.

FedEx and UPS offer phone applications that allow residents to reschedule deliveries during unexpected trips out of town.

For those looking to make more of an investment, there are lock boxes with codes that can be given to delivery companies.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the video should call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

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