Belmont Police Department increasing security Halloween night

BELMONT, NC (WBTV) - Many are getting ready to bring out the costumes and candy for Halloween.

As the people of Belmont prepare for the holiday, so is the Belmont Police Department. Halloween brings out the ghost and goblins and in Belmont, it also brings out a great deal of people.

As parents get ready to send their kids out trick-or-treating, Belmont police want you to know the department will have more officers out patrolling, keeping an eye out for your safety.

Considering the holiday, you may be dressing up and even if we can't tell who you are because of your costume, officers say we should be able to see you.

"Have a flashlight or a glow stick when you're out," Belmont Lieutenant Boyce Falls says.

Another rule of thumb for neighborhoods that will see a lot of foot and car traffic, is to stay on sidewalks. Police suggest that you also face traffic when walking and keep your children close.

Before letting your kids dig into to the piles of candy they'll get Tuesday night, the department says you should thoroughly check the candy for any faulty treats.

"Make sure your candy is from a business versus someone wrapping some stuff up for the kids," adds Lieutenant Falls.

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