Three pedestrians hit and killed in 3 days. CMPD say they're seeing an increase

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Three people have been hit and killed while trying to cross the road over a period of three days in Charlotte.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says 21 pedestrians were killed in 2016. They say 24 pedestrians have been killed so far in 2017. Although the cases are not related, CMPD says the circumstances around the crashes are very similar.

CMPD tweeted that 17 people were hit and killed by drivers at this time in 2016.

According to police, pedestrians that are killed are often not using a crosswalk, are wearing dark clothing and crossing the road when it is dark outside.

"Last year, it was about 50-50 with the vehicles being at fault - not yielding to the pedestrians in the crosswalks. This year, we are seeing more of the pedestrians that are not obeying the laws or not using that extra time to walk the 15 yards to the crosswalk," said Sgt. David Sloan with CMPD's Major Crash Investigation Team.

Over the weekend, police say Dandy Duncan was trying to cross West Sugar Creek Road in his wheelchair when he was hit and killed.

A few hours after that crash, police say a man was hit and killed while trying to cross Billy Graham Parkway.

"Before you step out, you make eye contact with that vehicle and make sure that car comes to a stop," said Sgt. Sloan.

In both cases, the person was not crossing in a crosswalk and was wearing dark clothing.

Early Monday morning, 61-year-old David Wheeler was hit and killed shortly after leaving work. He was not in a crosswalk, but the driver was charged because his vision was obstructed by an icy windshield.

"They let him know he didn't make it. It was a hard drive over here," said Henry Wheeler, the victim's brother. "Surprising to know he would get hit because he is very observant and checks his surroundings."

Sgt. Sloan says both drivers and pedestrians can do their part.

"If you are driving down a four-lane road and you see bus stops or a location where there might be pedestrians, as a driver we ask that you slow down," said Sgt. Sloan.

Police are encouraging people to make smart choices before heading out to celebrate Halloween. CMPD expects thousands of people to be out and about on Tuesday celebrating.


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