Think you saw a naked man walking on I-485 Friday? You aren’t crazy.

Think you saw a naked man walking on I-485 Friday? You aren’t crazy.

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Motorists driving along Interstate 485 on Friday in the Pineville area got more than they bargained for, when a naked man decided to take the well-traveled stretch of road for a morning stroll.

"Ya'll, there is a BUTT naked man on the side of 485," tweeted Abby Petty, who managed to get a photo of the man, hands on his hips, confidently walking on the side of the interstate.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol said it got a call at 11:05 a.m. Friday, about an "Asian man walking naked on the shoulder of the roadway, near a van."

Highway Patrol officials said they responded, along with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and the Charlotte Fire Department.

The man, who had no ID on him, was taken into custody by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police and transported to a nearby hospital, according to the highway patrol.

It was unclear if the man was connected to the van, which might have broken down on the side of the road, the highway patrol said. It was also not immediately known if he was injured, the spokesman added.

The Observer contacted CMPD and was told the department was unable to locate information on a call about the incident.

Photos of the man were tweeted out Friday morning, prompting both alarm and concern on social media.

At least one person blamed the traffic on I-485 for the incident.