A chance to thank the teacher who changed my life! #MadeInCMS

A chance to thank the teacher who changed my life! #MadeInCMS

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On occasion, someone will come up and say, "Did you every anchor the news in Chicago?" Maybe they'll say they watched me in NYC. It's almost always followed by the question, "So what brought you to Charlotte?"

Same response every time: "This is home. I was born here. I grew up here. I went to school here, I'm a WC Lion! Class of '81! My entire family graduated from CMS... all NINE of us!"

This is a much different city than the one I left at 18-years-old for college. It's bigger, but the soul of this city is still the same.  There are still so many big-hearted, generous people who work tirelessly to make our school system better every day.

Any chance I get to thank the teachers who changed my life at CMS, I jump at it! So when the CMS Foundation asked me to think of a teacher who had a huge impact on my life- I knew exactly who it would be!

So on a recent night after PrimeTime at 7 p.m., I walked into the edit room at WBTV News and said "Thank You!" to Mr. Williams. The foundation dug up some old school photos and produced this video. Thanks for letting me be a part of celebrating #MadeInCMS.

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