Toyota of North Charlotte busts common car maintenance myths

Toyota of North Charlotte busts common car maintenance myths
North Charlotte car maintenance
North Charlotte car maintenance

When trying to figure out how to keep up the performance of your car, there's a lot of car maintenance advice out there. But how do you know whether something is actually true or not? Toyota of North Charlotte has picked out some of the most "popular" car maintenance myths that are not true. If you actually follow these myths, it might actually hinder how your car runs!

Don’t be caught following these car maintenance myths

There are a ton of car maintenance myths all over the place. They can come from people you trust, online, and even from service centers! We've picked three of the biggest myths and busted them, that way you can save some money for future trips to your local service center.

Myth #1: Your spare tire works just as good as a regular tire

You may think that after changing your tire and putting on a spare you'll be good to go. You probably see other people on the road in North Charlotte driving with their spare. However, spare tires aren't made to travel long distances. A spare should be seen as a temporary fix. You should try to make it to a service center as soon as possible. If you don't, you run the risk of spending more on car maintenance!

Myth #2: Premium gas is always the best choice for your engine

You may think that based on the price and the name, premium gas is always a better choice than regular. However, most commercial vehicles are actually made to perform at their best while using regular gas. Premium is best used for cars that have hotter and more compressed engines. Premium gas won't hurt your car or its performance, but it also more than likely doesn't increase the performance enough to justify the difference in cost from regular.

Myth #3: If you puncture your tire, you have to replace it no matter what

Oh no! You ran over a nail and it has punctured your car tire. Some people may tell you that you have to replace it no matter what. However, that isn't always the case. Whether or not you need to replace your tire is usually dependent on how big the puncture actually is. When you bring your car to get checked out by our service experts, they'll evaluate the tire and see if you actually just need a patch. A car tire patch job can be much cheaper than replacing a whole tire, so be sure you know all of your options before committing fully to something!

Get all of your auto service needs done at Toyota of North Charlotte

If you’re looking to get some car maintenance, be sure to come to the Toyota of North Charlotte service center! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, which you can reach by taking Exit 23 off I-77 in Huntersville. Be sure to check out our website for some North Charlotte service specials before heading in!