Statesville woman's car vandalized with racially offensive language

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A Statesville woman is feeling uneasy Tuesday night after what she found keyed into her car.

Sunday morning Nicole Miller found the letters "KKKK" keyed into her car at the civic center in downtown Statesville.

She says she believes the extra "K" could be a signature of the suspect.

"You don't know what to think. To make it a trend, to make it for laughs," Miller said.

The Statesville native says it just doesn't sit right with her.

"It took me back 40 years ago," Miller added.

After posting about it on social media she found out that she was not the only person it happened to.

Another social media user posted a photo of her car with a similar message. The message read "KKK" with "KZ" written underneath.

Miller says she wants the community to know what happened and the effect those scratch marks are leaving behind.

"You're insinuating things, and that's not a good idea," Miller said.

WBTV spoke with Statesville police about the incident. They said they were not aware of any other car vandalisms except for Miller's.

Police added that there have been incidents where the letters "KKK" were written on street signs in the area.

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