Meet Maggie: The nurse who hiked up a cliff to help deliver babies during storms

ASHE COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It isn't any surprise to people that know her. That Maggie McNeill chose to hike her way up a steep cliff to get to work isn't shocking.

Maggie knew that two women who were in active labor needed her. Her co-workers needed her. The babies needed her.

She's an OB nurse at Ashe Memorial Hospital, and when she found that her path to her job was flooded on Monday night she could have called in, but she didn't.

"That's my family, and we don't leave each other hanging," Maggie said.

Heavy rains and wind from Monday night's storms washed out the bridge used to get to the main highway. The 8-year nurse was essentially trapped. Until she decided she could get out - by going up.

"I called my daddy, because that's what happens when you're in trouble - you call your daddy - and I said, 'Will you meet me on 16? I'm going climb up the hill and I need you to take me to work.'"

Of course, her dad said yes.

So Maggie, donning her regular work tennis shoes, started trekking up the steep hill that was drenched with rainwater. She was also scared of the possibility of snakes.

"I was scared I was going to touch a snake," Maggie said about having to grab and hoist herself up the hill.

But she made it. And her dad was at the top on Highway 16 in Ashe County, waiting just like dads do.

He delivered her to the hospital. She helped deliver two babies. And her husband helped deliver this story to thousands of people on his Facebook page by recording the video of her hike.

"I thought she deserved a little recognition," said Todd McNeill, proud husband of the hiking nurse.

Faced with the same situation, she said she'd do it again.

"I love what I do and I do it because I love it," Maggie said. "And I love being a part of that time in people's lives."

Maggie made a bargain with WBTV. In exchange for her interview, she wanted to make sure that she wasn't the only one recognized. She says a lot of people went out of their way on Monday night simply to help.

"They did stuff a lot more heroic than hike up a hill," Maggie said.

A "helper" calling out the other "helpers"... If that's not good news, I'm not sure what is.

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