Hildebrand coping with storm aftermath

BURKE COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Storm aftermath is easy to gauge by damage like down power lines, uprooted trees, and missing shingles that all meet the eye, but Monday's storm delivered a punch that jolted the ear.

Houses shook.

At the place Ashley Sturgill calls home pine trees snapped, and she'll never forget the sound of a collapsing chimney.

"The chimney came down. It sounded like gunfire, fireworks going off. I guess it is the power-lines snapping," she said.

Jeenie Cook is the mayor of Hildebrand. Her town has just three intersections with traffic signals.

On this day, they're all dark, but the mayor is embracing her community's sense of resolution.

"It was very scary for everyone including myself. This is a time I see our community coming together. Working together," the mayor told WBTV.

Tex's Fish Camp Road is a well-known and well-traveled road in Burke County, but like so many other places in the area, it will take some time to recover from the damage.

Power within the homes is one issue, and providing cover for livestock is another.

Burke County resident, Kenneth Church, was among the many seeking cover from the storm's damage.

"We could hear it coming, but we headed to the basement," he said.

Following the storm, Burke County has visitors coming to assess the damage. That includes investigators from the National Weather Service and insurance adjusters.

Many impacted by the storm in the North Carolina foothills are dealing with the loss of property and are grateful they're not having to cope with the loss of life.

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