Hickory cleaning up after storms cause significant damage

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - The strong storms and high winds which blew through the area on Monday evening left significant damage in Hickory.

"Very bad, I haven't seen damage like this since Hugo," Fred Brendle said.

All day on Tuesday people were coming to see the damage at the Hickory Regional Airport.

"We have two hangars on our north ramp that have been destroyed, there are planes and some vehicles within the hangars that have been destroyed, they're still assessing that damage," said Dana Kaminske with the City of Hickory.

Next to the airport there was damage at the ballpark where the Hickory Crawdads play.  Fences blown down…nothing that can't be fixed according to Charles Young from the team ownership group.

"Sad, it's just sad, but fortunately it's replaceable," Young said.

But this storm hit Charles twice…at the ballpark where his team plays, and at his home.

"Now I got a power pole laying on my pick-up truck, kind of sad, it's an old sorry truck and they'll just total it instead of fixing it."

Some of Charles neighbors in northwest Hickory have significant damage to their homes.

The city is hopeful that by being declared in a state of emergency, it will free up help from the federal government.

"It opens up FEMA and the ability for federal funds, so any damage done here at the airport or the city can be tracked and taken back to the government for potential reimbursements for those things," Kaminske added.

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