Community Conversation: 'No leads' in 2016 north Charlotte homicide

Inside a living room in Anson County, a family gathered to talk about their missing piece. It's been over a year since David Mclendon Jr. was found dead inside his North Charlotte home and time hasn't dulled the pain for his mother, Vivian.

"Every day. There's not a day don't pass that I don't think about my son. I wake up, I lay down, when I'm at work. I think about him all the time," she said.

It was July 24th. Vivian couldn't reach her son for days. So she drove from Ansonville to David's house on Prescott Court.

"I knew something was wrong and I couldn't get the door open. When I finally went around, I found him in his place on the floor," she said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Homicide Detective Shana Isenhour has been working the case ever since.

"He was inside of his home alone and it was a couple of days before he was located. So we were already behind the ball starting out from the 911 call," Isenhour said.

David was found with "apparent trauma". That's all CMPD will release. Investigators spent hours processing the 32 year old's home, trying to pinpoint who was responsible.

"There are no witnesses, so there's nobody to try to interview for information. All the information has to come from the things we collected on the scene," Isenhour said.

Isenhour says parts of David's house appeared to have been gone through. But no witnesses have come forward and at this point, they have no leads.

"We have nothing right now. When they (David's family) see my phone number pop up on their phones, they're always expecting good news and I haven't been able to give them good news yet," she said.

The unknown has been excruciating for Vivian.

"I want to know what happened to my child, because my child didn't deserve that," Vivian said.

Vivian knows someone out there knows what happened to her son, the father of a 13-year-old, who had the ability to light up a room. She's pleading them to come out of the shadows, so her family can finally find peace.

"I know it won't bring him back, but it will bring closure, it will get justice for him," she said.

If you know anything about what happened to David Mclendon, call Crime Stoppers immediately at 704-334-1600. You can remain anonymous and could receive a reward.

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