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Concord Regional Airport hosts disaster drill

Simulation (Source: David Whisenant-WBTV) Simulation (Source: David Whisenant-WBTV)
Simulation (Source: David Whisenant-WBTV) Simulation (Source: David Whisenant-WBTV)

Local emergency responders and Concord Regional Airport conducted a Triennial Part 139 Disaster Exercise on Tuesday involving a simulated airplane incident.

Concord Regional Airport is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct a full scale exercise every three years.

Through the realistic portrayal of this event in a learning environment, participants will rehearse the emergency protocols and procedures that would be needed should an actual aircraft accident occur, officials said.

“That is the point, make our drivers have to drive around simulated dead people, people who are severely injured, that gets your heart rate up, that’s the way a live accident would be, we never totally duplicate it but we come as close as we can," said Concord Fire Chief Ray Allen.

The public may see additional emergency traffic around the airport on Tuesday.

Approximately 60 volunteers played the role of passengers with minor and fatal injuries, and over 60 emergency responders took part in the exercise.

As part of the exercise, Concord Regional Airport’s response to the incident will be evaluated, along with the airport’s interaction with other agencies and assets that will respond.

Evaluators offer comments, which are compiled in an After Action Report and Improvement Plan with recommendations for future training, equipment, and response procedures.

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