Apartment fire displaces five families in York County

Apartment fire displaces five families in York County
Bria Bell/ WBTV
Bria Bell/ WBTV
Bria Bell/ WBTV
Bria Bell/ WBTV

Dozens are still displaced from their homes after an apartment unit caught fire on the Catawba Indian Reservation in York County Friday evening.

At this time, officials have not said how Friday's fire started. As investigators continue looking for a cause, the community is looking to help raise donations for the displaced families.

An intense fire which started on the second floor caused black smoke to fill the air and caught the attention of residents and neighbors.

"We [were] trying to find out what was  burning," says Jack Walker, who lives behind the burned out unit.

A number of emergency crews and a group of firefighters battling flames is an uncommon sight within the Catawba Indian Reservation according to those who live in the area.

"I've never seen something like this in this neighborhood," says Glenda Foxx who lives close to the apartment complex.

A corner of the building is completely burned out and the entire unit has smoke damage. All of the affected families were displaced and had to seek alternate housing arrangements.

"It breaks your heart, you don't know what they're going through," says Walker.

No one was hurt by the fire and Catawba Chief Bill Harris issued a statement through email which states:

"The Catawba Nation is deeply saddened for the loss of homes for 5 tribal families last night on the reservation. Thanks to the quick response from the Lesslie Fire Department and York County Sheriffs as well as many of our tribal staff members, no one was hurt and the damage was contained. The community is coming together to help these families through this difficult time and we appreciate anyone who is willing to help."

You can also donate cash or gift cards with the accounting department. Donations will be accepted during normal business hours. If you are out of the area and would like to send donations please mail to the following address: CIN Attn: Fire Victims Donations, 996 Avenue of the Nations; Rock Hill, SC 29730

Sizes needed:

Men- Pants: 32/34 x 2, 42/44; Shirts: Large x 2, 3XL; Shoes: 10, 12 x 2

Women- Pants: 11, 14; Shirts: Small, Large; Shoes: 7, 7.5; Bras: 34b, 40c

Boys- Pants: Boys 5T x 2; Shirts: Boys 5T, 3T; Shoes: Toddler 8

Girls- Pants: Girls 3T, 8; Shirts: Girls 3T, 10/12; Shoes: Girls 4

Other items: Size 6 diapers x 2; household cleaning items

Please contact the following with any questions: Melissa Seamon, Victims Services Manger or Erica Canady, Social Services Director at 803-366-4792.

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