Man has been waving at cars in Cornelius for almost 30 years

CORNELIUS, NC (WBTV) - If you ask anyone in Cornelius about "The Waving Man," they'll know exactly who you're talking about.

Some people that remember him from years ago while they were heading to school now see him while they're heading to work. Mike Knox has been sitting on his front porch waving at cars for almost 30 years.

"In a fast-paced world like this, it makes a difference. At least it does to me," 71-year-old Knox said.

He started years ago after injuring his leg. During his recovery, he decided sitting outside was better than sitting in the house. And while sitting outside, he decided he could do a little good with just a wave.

"It really makes a difference to a lot of people," said wave-receiver Tim Hilton. "You don't always have to do the big things to make a big difference."

What's perhaps most touching about Knox's endeavor is how many people return the wave. Even with cell phones consuming everyone's attention, hundreds of people a day find the time to look up and wave... and smile.

He probably won't win a peace prize for just simply waving - but maybe he should.

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