Knock knock! City workers in Salisbury practice 'community engagement'

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Most residents were at least a little surprised to find half a dozen or so workers from the City of Salisbury knocking on their doors on Friday morning, but all seemed to welcome the visit.

The city workers were practicing a program of "community engagement."  It's where workers from all departments meet together and then walk the streets of neighborhoods.

The workers introduce themselves, then ask residents if they have any questions, complaints, or praise regarding the services the receive.  The residents may be talking to police, firefighters,water and sewer workers, or someone from any department.

The first Community Engagement Friday was on April 28, in an area adjacent to Salisbury High School.

This project has continued every Friday since April 28 with two exceptions – one was moved to a Thursday due to expected rain and another was canceled outright due to heat.

To date, staff has walked 11 neighborhoods. Selfies are taken with the group in front of each neighborhood and posted on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #CommunityEngagement, #CommunityEngagementFriday and #TeamSalisbury.

On Friday the group fanned out in the Milford Knoll subdivision.

Residents asked questions about clearing storm drains, code enforcement, and several other topics.

Today WBTV tagged along as the workers made their rounds.  Look for that story tonight on WBTV News at 6:00.

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