Halloween candy: The bad and worst ones for your children's teeth

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Halloween is around the corner!

If your house is like mine, then candy is everywhere by the end of a night of trick-or-treating! The top thing on my mind is how bad all of the candy is for my children's teeth. The bacteria in our mouths, coupled with all the sugar is the combination that leads to cavities - especially if you're children aren't brushing properly and regularly.

So, parents, we're arming you with some helpful information from the American Dental Association (ADA) about the how some of these popular candies impact your teeth.

Raise your hand if your kids like hard candy, which can be trouble for a couple reasons. If your kids bite into them it can break their teeth. Plus it takes sucking on hard candy for a while to eat it, and the sugar is just marinating all over your teeth.

What about those candies that really make you pucker because they're sour? Try to get your kids to pass on those. Sour candy can be acidic. The acid breaks down the hard surface of your child's teeth and that's when cavities are formed.

When it comes to sticky candy, the ADA had this neat little rule of thumb: Be picky if it's sticky. Gummy candies fall under this category as well. They stay on your teeth longer and cavity-causing bacteria is getting all this overtime on your children's teeth.

Chocolate is actually the lesser of all these evils. Dark chocolate is better because there's not as much sugar in them and chocolate washes off your teeth easier than the sticky, hard candies.

Getting your kids to eat this and not that is easier said than done. So, if you just want the candy out of the house, another option to consider is candy buy-back programs. Dental offices often take part in these. Kids can bring their candy in and are given a dollar amount back in exchange. The candy is then donated to troops overseas.

Some businesses also have prize giveaways and raffles to make it a fun experience for the kids. You can go here and type in your zip code to find a Halloween candy buy-back program near you.

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