Charlotte woman accuses former restaurant coworker of sexual harassment

Amanda Foster/ WBTV
Amanda Foster/ WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte woman is claiming she was sexually harassed by her boss' son, who she worked with.

Casey Carpenter quit her job and contacted police to document her account of what happened at Amalfi restaurant.

"I just knew that I couldn't stay silent," she says.

The former waitress says her experience at the Italian restaurant was inappropriate.

"You should be able to do your work and not feel threatened, not feel uncomfortable, not feel bad about yourself," she says.

Carpenter adds that is how the owner's son, who she worked with often, made her feel.

"Saying that he thought I had a little dirty in me, and I was a dirty girl," she says.

According to Carpenter, the comments continued while she was an employee on payroll at Amalfi.

"I made sure to emphasize to him, yes, this is sexual harassment, and I am not okay with this," she says.

She claims more graphic comments were made about her body. Some, she says, weren't comments at all.

"He would make sexual noises," she added.

Carpenter also described the physical acts made towards her, like routinely pulling on her apron strings.

"He would pull it so aggressively that I even ran into things at times," she says.

WBTV spoke with the owner of the restaurant about Carpenter's claims. While the owner decided not to speak on camera, she told WBTV on the phone that she thought the exchanges between the two employees were joking in nature.

I think sometimes nervous laughter can be confused with somebody being okay with something," Carpenter says in response.

The owner also told WBTV she was never made aware of Carpenter's concerns, while Carpenter alleges that she did talk to her boss, who addressed the concerns with her son present.

Carpenter tells WBTV she filed the incident report with police because she wanted her account of the situation to be officially documented. She is now looking for other work.

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