Will Halloween runoff show a dip at the polls?

Photo courtesy of campaign website
Photo courtesy of campaign website

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Tuesday night's mayoral race in Rock Hill did not produce enough votes to declare a winner.

With three candidates running, one candidate needed 50 percent plus one vote to fill the mayor's seat.

Duane Christopher was bumped out with only 10.08 percent of the vote, 890 votes.

John Gettys took in 44.7 percent of the vote with 3,952 ballots cast in support of him. William "Bump" Roddey took in the most votes with 45.1 percent and 3,986 votes.

"He's got a lot of support out there, I've got a lot of support out there, so I feel real good about the next two weeks, I think I've got the wind at my back now," Gettys said.

"My supporters got behind a young candidate who never thought in his wildest dreams he'd be sitting in a position to become mayor of this city," Bump Roddey said.

It amounted to only a 34-vote difference between Gettys and Roddey. Now voters will head to the polls again for a runoff, this time on Halloween.

According to the York County Board of Elections, there was an 18.33 percent voter turnout, with 8,855 votes cast Tuesday night.

Originally officials reported a 29 percent voter turnout, until they realized their system was not calculating properly.

The 18.33 percent turnout is still slightly higher than the turnout in the last Rock Hill mayoral election in 2005, which was just under 18 percent.

But with the runoff falling on a popular holiday, will voters skip the polls to take their kids trick or treating?

Many parents told WBTV they would make the time to do both, or find a different time to get candy.

"Yeah I'll go, I'll probably be off that day so I'll take my kid trick or treating then head over there and vote," Jerek Kram said.

"We're going to make a real effort this time to go earlier in the day and get there," Anna Butler said.

"We have a fall festival at church that we take the kids to, we don't really trick or treat around the neighborhood," Kathryn Ritter said.

"We decided to opt out of trick or treating and just go to a fall festival so there'll be time," Jamie Spradley said.