Volunteer groups being organized for tornado cleanup in Caldwell Co

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV ) - A week after a tornado tore through a Caldwell County neighborhood damaging more than 100 homes, officials say there is still a lot of cleanup and rebuilding to do.

Nonprofit service organizations are trying to help in the area and now officials are trying to coordinate all of those resources. Since the state of North Carolina did not declare a disaster area, officials say resources from the state and county are limited.

Officials hope that organizing service groups will provide affected homeowners the help they need.

"Instead of depending on the state, we will do it ourselves," said County Commissioner Donnie Potts.

Representatives from more than a dozen service groups met Monday in Hudson to coordinate the effort.

A phone number was established for people in the tornado area to call if they need help. From now until the end of the month they can call (828) 222-3975.

Only people affected by the tornado should call. Officials say the number is just for help removing debris.

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