Charlotte home sparks debate over Halloween decorations

Charlotte home sparks debate over Halloween decorations
(Amanda Foster | WBTV)
(Amanda Foster | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It is almost time for Halloween, and decorations are going up at many homes. But in one Charlotte neighborhood, some residents are finding a particular home's decor offensive, not festive.

Neighbors say the State Street home goes all-out for holiday decorations. Now for Halloween, "Camp State Street" is up, complete with orange lights, skeletons, and one other decoration that has some people uneasy.

"That's not Halloween to me," one neighbor, who doesn't want to share her identity, said.

The neighbor says she found the decoration racially insensitive. It includes four figures, hung by rope, with the word "help" written in red paint.

"It just reminded me so much of like a hanging or a lynching," she said. "Things that I've seen depicted on my people in the history books."

WBTV spoke on the phone with the homeowner, who was out of town for the day, on Friday. He says he never had race in mind hanging the figures, and only thought they fit in with the rest of his theme.

Still, some see it differently.

"I'm just saying we're here, let's just all get along," the neighbor said. "But don't put things up like that."

While some in the area find them to be acceptable Halloween decor, this neighbor and others are asking the homeowner to consider their side.

"In my world that's all I've seen growing up in the books," she said. "Is that we've been hanging from trees, and we've been burnt in trees, and we've just been hung, and to me, it looks like a lynching."

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