Woman accused of 'orchestrating' fatal shooting wants $2 million bond reduced

Murder suspect in court

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kristian Weddington is sitting in jail on more than a $2 million bond after investigators say she instigated a shooting back in July that killed Tommy Jarad Maddox.

Maddox was standing outside his friend's townhouse on Kimmerly Woods Drive in Charlotte when a car drove by and bullets started flying. Maddox, who was shot in the head, died.

During a bond hearing Thursday morning, Weddington asked the judge to reduce her high bond.

Weddington doesn't have a criminal record. She's not a member of a gang. Still, prosecutors say she's a danger to the community and should stay in jail with no bond - or a very high bond.

Weddington's defense attorney paints a different picture of the 24-year-old, who is the daughter of a deacon, mother of a 4-year-old, and a member of a Church who was just trying to break up a fight.

Investigators say it started when Maddox's friend got into an argument with his girlfriend. Police say Weddington was there with her friend - and got in the middle of the argument.

According to prosecutors - Weddington said her friend's boyfriend bumped her.

Prosecutors say Weddington got mad, made a call and neighbors told police they overheard someone saying "I'll have this place aired out."

Investigators say a little over an hour later, two cars drove by and people in one of the cars started shooting, hitting Maddox.

The District Attorney's office says even though Weddington doesn't have a record and didn't fire the gun - she's dangerous.

"It seems clear to the state at this point that she orchestrated it. In military terms she called in a strike," the prosecutor said. "She called her brother to come air this place out. And why? Because she got pushed. How juvenile is that? How can anybody ramp up from being pushed while involved an argument to calling in a strike at an apartment complex?"

"She wasn't there. She didn't orchestrate it and the state has had 90 days to try to prove that – and it's going to be futile because it's just not true" said defense attorney Michael Greene.

Greene told the judge that his client works at a child care center and is not a flight risk.

"Ms. Weddington never went into that apartment and nobody is going to be able to say she went into the apartment," Attorney Greene said. "Ms. Weddington went to support a friend then there was an altercation between two people she didn't know and she attempts to help break the fight up but she didn't order any strike. She didn't get involved in a fight with anybody and I dare say she didn't call anybody and say let's air this place out."

The judge reduced Weddington's bond to $250,000 secure for the murder charge and $25,000 secure for shooting into an occupied dwelling.

If Weddington posts bond, she has to wear an electronic monitor and abide by house arrest.

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