Tornado victims get recovery help from neighbors, American Red Cross

HUDSON, NC (WBTV) - Not much has changed since a tornado tore through David Bush's Sunday night.

"Each day gets better," he says.

His family just remodeled, but the home is now unlivable after the storm.

"Those things that you think about right when you wake up in the morning and say, 'Did that really happen?' You know, of course it did," Bush says.

Cleanup for Bush means waiting for the insurance company. Until then, perfect strangers are coming to the family's aid, including volunteers with the American Red Cross.

"They came by and let us know what they could do for us, because we've had to be out of work all week," Bush says.

Volunteers have spent the week in Caldwell and Burke counties. One volunteer remembers speaking with a couple who lost a home they had spent their whole lives saving for.

"You know that…that can touch you," volunteer Charles Avery says. "Hearing that."

He says sometimes, one of the most important things people need is a listening ear. "Sometimes you have to just pull yourself back and let them tell their story," Avery says.

For Bush, he's struck not only by the destruction at his place, but his neighbors' too. He already wants to pay it forward.

"When it comes time to help other people, we'll be ready to help them," he says.

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