Crime Stoppers: New information in murder at EZ Pawn shop

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We have uncovered new and exclusive information about a well-planned, unsolved murder. The victim's family has put up an additional $5,000 to catch Raymond Johnson's killer.  Plus, police are now hunting for a second vehicle.

The murder happened at the E-Z Pawn shop on Monroe Road in early August.

Police released surveillance video showing a white van pulling into the parking lot at the EZ Pawn, just as Raymond Johnson was leaving work. Johnson was hit by gunfire, his car swerved backward until it crashed into a pole.  And the van is seen making a getaway.

CMPD Homicide Detective Todd Burkhard says this was an execution.

"In all appearances, it appears to be that way."

But why and who would execute a 43-year-old family man who worked in IT at IBM before he took a job with EZ Pawn?

"I wish I knew," said Tomiko Evans, Johnson's wife of eleven years.

"He was an excellent father.  He was a very kind person, loved the kids, willing to help anybody."

Tomiko says when Johnson returned from knee surgery a year ago, he was transferred from the South Boulevard EZ Pawn store to Monroe Road, and he didn't like it.

"He was uneasy about going to Monroe Road."  Uneasy, I asked, why?  "The location.  He was used to South Boulevard, he was there for several years. And plus, the area.  He just didn't like the location, the neighborhood."

As it turns out, the white van that did the shooting was stolen.  Police found it ditched later that night.  Then, Detective Todd Burkhard found something else.

"We were in the process of pulling more video from the surrounding area and we realized they were being followed to the pawn shop by another car.  A Toyota Camry.  And that's the vehicle we're interested in finding because that's the vehicle that drove the suspects away."

While police look for a Camry, Johnson's family looks for closure.

"We are a praying family and we forgive whoever done it," said Karl Johnson, Raymond's brother.  "Through the eyes of God we have to forgive you, however, we just want to know why."

Again, the family is putting up $5,000 to couple with Crime Stoppers' $5,000. It's a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.  Call 704-334-1600.

Tomiko says she's praying the extra money will give them the answers they need.

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