Will social media strategy, two-state approach help land Amazon HQ?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Reminders of growth and a constant building boom across the area are among the driving factors that make Charlotte attractive to new business. But is this activity enough to land a big prize better known as Amazon's second headquarters?

Tariq Bokhari is with Carolina Fintech Hub, one of the groups lobbying to lure Amazon to the Queen City.

Earlier in the day Wednesday, he was part of a summit at UNC Charlotte billed as "HiveStorm: Amazon HQ2 Summit" that attracted more than 100 with reasons why the corporate giant should come to town.

"Upward mobility, our breweries, transit, being close to the Whitewater Center, beaches or mountains," he said. "What intangibles are there that could tip scale in favor of Charlotte when Amazon makes a decision?"

Stating the case of why it makes sense for Amazon to relocate here falls on the shoulder of Ronnie Bryant, who heads up the Charlotte Regional Partnership.

"This is a 50,000-job project. This is really a game changer for Charlotte, USA," he said.

Bryant, who is among those embracing the social media campaign, feels the local effort may have a leg up for a simple reason.

"The state of North Carolina, the state of South Carolina. We have a bi-state proposal, " Bryant said. "I will assure that we will put the most competitive package possible on the table."

While the hashtags, tweets, and posts are showing up in the obvious places, the campaign is also being carried out on CATS buses. Leaving nothing to chance is the goal of those with skin in the game.

"Wouldn't it be incredible if your one idea was the thing that tipped the scales and had Amazon come here?" Bokhari asked.

October 18 has been designated as the day to use the hashtag #CLTisPrime.

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