Favorite Halloween candies of the Carolinas

(WBTV) - With Halloween a little over two weeks away, the ranking of the most popular candies in each state were unveiled.

According to Candystore.com, M&M's is the favorite candy of North Carolina. The website states that over 96,000 pounds of M&M's have been sold in the state. M&M's overtook Reese's Cups for the top spot.

Reese's Cups were announced as the second favorite candy in North Carolina, with Candy Corn rounding out the top three list, according to the website.

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Though Candy Corn was North Carolina's third favorite type of candy, it was the top treat in South Carolina. The state has sold over 114,000 pounds of Candy Corn. Skittles were in second place and Hot Tamales were in third place for South Carolina's favorite types of candy, the website states.

The site took 10 years of sales data and looked at the candy sales during the months leading up to the holiday.

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