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BLOG: When will we see fall again?

Eric Thomas | WBTV Eric Thomas | WBTV
Eric Thomas | WBTV Eric Thomas | WBTV
Eric Thomas | WBTV Eric Thomas | WBTV
Eric Thomas | WBTV Eric Thomas | WBTV

I have experienced quite a few landfalling tropical cyclones over my 29 years in Charlotte, but can't remember any particular storm that dragged this much humid air over our region for such a long period of time.

In the short term, the atmosphere will remain pumped and primed to produce more showers that pass through the atmosphere at the slightest trigger. On that note, a very weak front will move through here very late Tuesday and into the night, so we'll allow for scattered showers again Wednesday.

This front will stall to our east Thursday and surround us as it curves around to our south and back north across the mountains.  We will remain in the pocket while this forms around us, and the prevailing air flow will be pushing damp maritime air into our region from the Atlantic Ocean off the Virginia coast.

As you might have guessed, this is a damp air mass, but not the deep tropical air we're in now.  Our dewpoints will be knocked down from the mid 70s into the mid 60s - better, but not exactly fall-like air.

This pocket, or 'wedge' as they're known, will squat down over us through Saturday limiting our sunshine and producing light rain or drizzle from time to time.  It will slowly erode over the weekend, but the true fall air mass won't arrive until Monday.

And there will be no mistaking it as a strong Canadian air mass will finally make its return bringing that crisp fall air along with it.  Bottom line, more patience is required if you're waiting for our seasonal pattern to be restored.

- Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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