NC woman saves a stuck puppy from a car’s engine

NC woman saves a stuck puppy from a car’s engine

NORTH CAROLINA (Lavendrick Smith/The Charlotte Observer) - A woman in North Carolina was walking into a Walgreen's for makeup Monday, when she heard what sounded like a dog whimpering from a nearby parked car.

When Robin Haas got closer, she realized a puppy was trapped under the car's hood, near the engine.

"There's no mistaking that little puppy whine," Haas, a wielding instructor at Surry Community College, told TV station FOX 8. The school is about 90 miles north of Charlotte.

She called a colleague to help remove the dog from the car.

Haas posted a video of the rescue on her Facebook page, showing the small, white dog being removed from deep under the car's hood.

The owner of the vehicle doesn't have pets, ABC 11 reported, and told the station the dog could've been stuck in the car for at least 45 minutes.

Haas has posted a second video, showing the dog healthy and playing in grass. The puppy has since been adopted, Haas said.