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Police: Boy, 7, recovering after shooting himself in eye with BB gun


A seven-year-old boy is recovering after shooting himself in the eye with a BB gun, according to police.

It happened on Monday just after 6:46 pm at a home on Imperial Drive in Salisbury.

Police say the child had gotten hold of a BB pistol and was shooting it at the ground.  One of the BB's hit the child in the eye.

The boy was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem.

Since this article was originally published, several family members have reached out to WBTV disputing the police report.

Family members say that the child was shot by a teenager and that they believe charges will be filed in the case.

 "The article makes it seem like a child was playing with the toy and not appropriate for his age which can sometimes put the blame on the parents which is not what happened," one family member wrote. "The minor was in fact shot by someone else and I just wanted to make that clear because people can jump on these articles and causes more pain to the family involved."

The spokesperson with Salisbury Police said the report did not mention any other person being involved in the incident and said that the shooting was classified as "accidental."

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