Student arrested, another suspended after loaded gun reportedly found at high school

Student arrested, another suspended after loaded gun reportedly found at high school
Wright (Lancaster County Sheriff's Office)
Wright (Lancaster County Sheriff's Office)

KERSHAW, SC (WBTV) - Two students were suspended, one of them arrested and charged, for reportedly having a gun at a school in Lancaster County Monday.

The incident occurred at Andrew Jackson High School on Kershaw Camden Highway in Kershaw.

Deputies say one of the students, identified Tuesday as 17-year-old Devin D'Ante Wright, brought a .380 semiautomatic pistol to school. Officials say the gun contained a loaded magazine.

A teacher reportedly saw Wright with the gun and contacted other staff members. The school's faculty then brought Wright to the office and started searching for the gun but could not find it, school officials say. Staff members later found the gun in the second student's book bag, with marijuana.

Investigators say they believe Wright put the gun and the marijuana in the other student's book bag before he went to the office.

Wright was later arrested and charged with carrying a weapon on school property and simple possession of marijuana. His bond was set at $2,500 for the weapons charge.

Both students were also suspended for 10 days, according to Bryan Vaughn, director of school safety and public transportation.

"The teacher did a really good job by alerting staff and making sure our administration was involved quickly," Vaughn said. "The principal there did a really good job and was on top of it and was persistent about trying to find it and ultimately did find the weapon."

Vaughn released this statement Tuesday:

"There is a specific law about having guns on campus that calls for one year suspension so the students can face that one-year suspension which would be from now and the rest of the school year until October of next school year."

Officials do not believe the students brought the gun to hurt anyone.

"Based on the investigation we don't have any belief at this time the gun was brought to harm anyone," Vaughn said. "We don't think anyone was going to be targeted. We feel that it was probably the byproduct of some poor decisions on behalf of the student."

The second student has not been charged, but the Sheriff's Office says the investigation is ongoing.

There will be a hearing to see whether the students will be expelled, according to school officials.

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