Caldwell Co residents physically OK, emotionally a mess after storm tears through community

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (Bria Bell/WBTV) - Some people in Caldwell County have mixed emotions 24 hours later after Sunday's storm.

Rain and strong gusts of winds took down trees, ruined roofs, put out power lines, and covered cars with branches. Kelly Gilbert stood outside to watch Mother Nature unfold. He says the storm came and went within minutes.

"I didn't think it was going to be that bad," said Gilbert.

As Gilbert spent Columbus Day assessing the damage, he also reflected on the fact that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us.

"[The storm] was catastrophic for this area, there's no way to explain it. We feel lucky," he said.

Caldwell county leaders have declared a State of Emergency for the area.

While thousands of dollars worth of damage is quick to spot on Mount Herman Road, it's even easier to find a fellow neighbor giving a helping hand, according to Gilbert's daughter-in-law, Amy, who weighed out the storm in the basement with other family members.

"First thing this morning, everybody was up. I've had people walking through my yard, making sure everybody is OK. The fire department was walking through my yard. I can definitely say everybody ha tried to help as much as possible," said Amy Gilbert.

National Weather Service representatives are heading to Caldwell County to evaluate damage and determine if they can classify Sunday's storm as a tornado.

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