Possible tornado traps Burke County man in rubble

BURKE COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Josh Davis didn't expect he'd spend part of his Sunday night trapped in rubble after a suspected tornado tore through his home on Cub Creek Street in Burke County.

Davis's family was away at church when the storm came through. He says he opened up a door and was pushed against the wall by the winds. After Davis managed to get the door shut, he tried taking shelter in his room.

"I ran in my room and tried to drape myself in a comforter and get in the closet, but before I did the ceiling came down and trapped me underneath it," Davis said.

He couldn't free himself and called 911. Davis says he had to wait a while for emergency workers to cut their way through trees and debris to get to him.

"I hit my head on that printer right there and that was it. I blacked out a little bit but I didn't go completely out," Davis said.

Firefighters were able to rescue Davis and an ambulance took him to the hospital where he was quickly released with minor injuries.

Davis became emotional when recalling the people who helped him and continue to help his family.

"These guys, I really appreciate the community helping us out," he said. "We've got a great community and great fire department."

At least five homes were damaged in the area during the Sunday evening storms. Two homes were knocked off their foundations and others suffered serious roof damage.

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