93-year-old man sees skydiving video, decides to try it himself

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It's an adventure some wouldn't consider even with the prize of youth. We're willing to bet most wouldn't dare jump out of an airplane at 93-years-old.

But Cy Maulden isn't "most". He's a guy who likes excitement, and that's just what led him to the whim of skydiving.

"I had seen some of that before and I thought it looked real exciting," Maulden said of seeing skydiving videos.

His son and daughter-in-law bought him an experience he'll never forget.

Last Sunday, Maulden suited up with a tandem instructor and jumped out of an airplane over Rowan County. He was 'cool as a cucumber' as his body hurled more than 100 mph through the air. His smile was only accentuated by the rushing wind.

"I wasn't scared, and as soon as that chute opened everything was so peaceful," Maulden said.

Maulden is a World War II Army veteran so you can imagine it takes a lot to get him worked up. He now counts skydiving as one of his great adventures in life. He says he's still looking forward to many more.

"A lot of people tell me that that's an old age to be doing something like this. But I'm living proof that it isn't. If you want to do something just go ahead and do it," Maulden said.

Perfect advice no matter your age, or no matter what you're jumping into.

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