Thousands expected at country concert in Charlotte less than week after Las Vegas shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Thousands of concert-goers are expected to attend the Zack Brown Band show Thursday night at PNC Music Pavilion less than a week after 59 people were killed in a mass shooting in Las Vegas.

PNC Music Pavilion can hold close to 19,000 people. There were nearly 22,000 people at the show in Las Vegas.

"It was just sad. People out trying to have a good time. I know country attracts a wide fan base, and there are a lot of different age groups," said Alex Mullineaux, who is going to the concert in Charlotte Thursday night.

Mullineaux has attended dozens of concerts, many of them at PNC. He admits he had a conversation about the Las Vegas shooting early in the week.

"We want to send a message to terrorist, frankly, that they can't stop us from going and living our lives. Not from going out and doing the things we enjoy doing," said Mullineaux.

However, Mullineaux has attempted to sell a ticket for Thursday's show but has had trouble finding a buyer.

"We have a had a really hard time selling that ticket. We think that is just the way it is. There are people not going because of what happened," he said.

WBTV Security Expert Karl de la Guerra has studied the Las Vegas shooting and compared the two venues. There are no high-rise building near PNC.

"PNC does not afford anyone that opportunity. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't remain vigilant," said de la Guerra. "Be very aware of where your exits are. Know how to get out of the area. That is one of the things I have heard the Vegas victims say is that they wish they would have had a plan."

PNC hires private security officers to work the events.

"Security is really good. They wand everyone that comes in, they check every bag you bring in," said Mullineaux.

"You can't take a template and compare it to every music venue around. You have to assess the threat for each individual threat for each venue and that is what is being done," said Karl de la Guerra.

The PNC team did not say if there will be added security at Thursday's concert.

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