CMS receives $5 million grant to train teachers

CMS receives $5 million grant to train teachers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District was selected to receive a $5 million grant "to prepare teachers to succeed in high-need schools."

According to CMS officials, the district has agreed to a three-year partnership with national teacher-training organization, The New Teacher Project. The partnership will work to develop training programs for teachers in Beacon and L.I.F.T schools, schools with high poverty and schools with a history of low achievement, according to district officials.

Superintendent Clayton Wilcox released this statement Thursday:

"This is the beginning of a partnership that could be transformative for our kids in high-need schools. TNTP is known nationally for rigorous academics, talented people and supportive environments – and that is exactly what these schools need most. We are excited to be part of this groundbreaking work that will allow us to tailor training for our own schools."

School officials said The New Teacher Project will "work with CMS to ensure that the program is sustainable and the district can manage and fund it independently after the grant ends."

The grant money will also be be used in school districts in Oklahoma and Massachusetts.

Dr. Kondra Rattley, who leads the district's Beacon Initiative. released this statement:

"One of the great things about this is that we will not have to rely solely on outside teacher preparation programs to match the supply of new teachers with our demand at any given time, which is one of the biggest causes of teacher shortages across the country. We will be able to customize our recruitment and training efforts to certify the teachers we need at the time we need them -- teachers with the right skills who are ready to teach in the right grades and subjects."

The New Teacher Project reportedly managed the TEACH Charlotte program and trained over 300 teachers between 2000 and 2016, according to school officials.

"All students in Charlotte deserve teachers with the dedication and skill to open every possible door of opportunity for them after high school,” Daniel Weisberg, who is the chief executive officer of The New Teacher Project, said. “We’re excited to partner with CMS again to create an innovative new program that will bring talented teachers to the students who need them most for years to come.”

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