CMPD increases west Charlotte patrols due to rise in property crimes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For Charlotte's historic West End, it seems property-related crimes are getting more frequent.

"That's kind of been uprising lately, more car break-ins than normal," Lt. Spencer Cochran with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said.

At community meet-ups, officers like Cochran talk with neighbors about what they are seeing. In Biddleville, that are things like car and home break-ins, and more recently, people slashing tires.

"I think it was like six of us total," Brad Melang, who is a resident in the community, says. Melang was one of several neighbors, who on the same day, woke up to all four car tires slashed.

"I had just put new tires on my car, so I was a little perturbed," he says.

Melang has seen a rise in property crime including the slashing of the tires and after a home he was selling was broken into.

"It has kind of escalated here recently," he says.

For Melang, it is important now more than ever to talk with his neighbors."It's just being vigilant and staying on top of things," he said.

He added a brand new home security system to his home. Meanwhile, his neighbors want to know whether officers are adding patrols to the neighborhood.

"And we let them know that we are," Lt. Cochran said. "We know where the crimes are occurring so we add our resources to that area."

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