Schneider Electric not closing Salisbury facility; 64 jobs saved

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Mayor Karen Alexander announced on Tuesday that Schneider Electric would not be closing its Salisbury location.  The announcement came near the end of the Salisbury City Council meeting.

"I would say it's really unusual," Mayor Alexander told WBTV.  "Sometimes a big order or an internal analysis about where they are better located to serve their customers more efficiently, so they didn't give us an explanation as to exactly what, but it's thrilling news to our community and for all of those employees."

In July, Schneider filed a WARN notice with North Carolina Workforce Development saying that the company was permanently closing and that 64 workers would lose their jobs.

"We anticipate these changes, when finalized, would be permanent," the company said in the WARN notice. "Various factors" may affect the timing of the employment terminations, the company added.

Earlier this summer, the Salisbury Post reported that Schneider plans to transfer production to facilities in Pennsylvania and Columbia, S.C., by mid-2018.

The company is located at 105 Summit Park Drive.

Late on Wednesday a corporate spokesman for Schneider Electric confirmed to WBTV that the Salisbury facility would "remain open," adding that workers were told about the decision at the end of last week.

Mayor Alexander said that city found out about the decision when it received a letter from the company.

"We received a letter from this company, which is Schneider Electric," Mayor Alexander said. "They have reversed that decision and have withdrawn all of that information surrounding that from NC Works and other agencies to let everyone know that no one will lose their jobs here."

There is also the possibility of more announcements regarding job growth in the county, according to Alexander.

"We have some other announcements that we are hoping to make by the end of the year that we really aren't at liberty to talk about at the moment but EDC is working very hard on several really large projects," Alexander added.

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