Charlotte mom home safe after witnessing chaotic scene on Las Vegas strip

Charlotte mom home safe after witnessing chaotic scene on Las Vegas strip

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Valerie Goosby bought her bag of Las Vegas souvenirs, she thought her memories of the trip would be much different.

"I will never forget that," she says of what she witnessed. "That really tore me up."

Goosby says she was separated from her family when she was inside a restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. That is when she says frantic people ran in from the street, saying there was a shooter and bringing her into a back room with them to hide.

"I thought I was going to die in that situation because I didn't know if that shooter was there," she says. "All I knew was these people were running, and I just started running too because we didn't know where the shots were."

The group stayed very quiet in that back room, not knowing where the danger was.

"I was thinking, 'God, is this how I am going to die? Please keep my daughter safe.' I was thinking about all the people who would miss and love me."

To stay quiet, Goosby used her phone to post to Facebook, asking for any information about what was going on outside.

The Brooklyn native remembers living in New York City on September 11, 2001. She says the chaos around her Sunday felt all too familiar.

"I was very scared because that's all I've ever worried about living in New York, and it's why I moved," she says. "I moved to Charlotte for a calmer environment, so when I saw that, that scared me so much."

The group eventually deemed it safe to go outside. Goosby met up with her family at a nearby gas station, where she posted cellphone video that she was OK.

"People were coming into the store that were [at the concert]," she says. "They had blood all over their shirts."

People who, at that point, where safe, but like Goosby, were shaken.

"The only thing I could do was just hug all of them."

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