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Fort Mill citizens meet with USPS over ongoing mail problems

(Kristi O'Connor | WBTV) (Kristi O'Connor | WBTV)

People in Fort Mill have been complaining for months about poor mail service, and this week they say they finally made progress.

WBTV covered one family’s story in July. The family said they constantly received different people’s mail, some living as far as Pageland.

“He takes it back, and we get it back the next day,” Fort Mill citizen Jessica Howard said. “He takes it back, and we get it back the next day. And it happened four times.”

Since WBTV’s coverage, Howard says their mail problems have improved. However, other Fort Mill residents say the problem persists. They say sometimes the mix-ups have caused more serious issues.

“We had some people who had their utilities cut off because they never received the invoice,” Springfield citizen Pierre Langevin said. “People had their IRS refund checks never being delivered. And imagine trying to sort that out with the Federal Government.”

Langevin says he had no luck reaching out to the USPS customer service line. He said they would offer an apology, but the problems continued. 

He then went to voice his concerns to newly-elected Congressman Ralph Norman. WBTV confirmed with Norman’s office that they contacted the postal service and asked them to meet with the citizens.

That face-to-face meeting happened Monday night. Roughly 60 residents in Fort Mill who have had issues with their mail being delivered properly showed up. Langevin even prepared a nine-page document to present to the USPS leaders. You can find the presentation here

Langevin says he finally felt like they were being heard. 

USPS Mid-Carolinas District Manager Ernie Onody said at the meeting the Fort Mill population is growing faster than the post office can keep up with.

“With tremendous developments going in and subdivisions, it adds a lot of deliveries,” Onody said. “And we haven’t reacted as quickly as we should.”

He says since they have received so many complaints they have added 3 clerks to start sorting packages at midnight, earlier than ever before. He hopes that packages will be sorted or close to completely sorted by the time carriers get in in the morning. 

“Our target is to have the carriers on the road by 9:30, 10 o’clock in the morning, versus leaving the post office at 12:00, sometimes 1:00 in the afternoon,” Onody said.

He says they have also added about 13 associate carriers and two new routes to accommodate the additional packages with the growing population.

“As long as they’re making progress, we’re happy. But we’re going to keep the pressure on,” Langevin said.

Congressman Ralph Norman’s office told WBTV they have inquired about adding another post office in Fort Mill. They are waiting for a response from the USPS in D.C.

In a further response to the citizens and our questions, a USPS Spokesperson sent a statement:

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet some of our Fort Mill customers during the U.S. Postal Service’s meet-and-greet on Monday evening. Postal representatives were on hand to share updates about local postal operations and answer customer questions on a variety of topics, including upgrades to local mail service, plans for the upcoming busy postal season and a proposal for a new Post Office in nearby Indian Land.

Customers also had the opportunity to learn about postal products and sign up for Informed Delivery, a new and innovative feature from the Postal Service that provides residential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail.

Customers who have questions about mail service but were not able to attend the meet-and-greet can contact the Fort Mill Postmaster at 803-547-2771. Postal officials in Fort Mill believe there has been measurable success in recent months and we continue to move in a customer-centric direction.  But we know we have areas of opportunity as well. That’s why we encourage customers to respond to official Postal Service customer insight surveys. This survey can be found at the bottom of all receipts after purchase. Customers may visit anytime to provide their feedback and opinion. General concerns, complaints and compliments are also always welcome by way of our toll free 1-800-ASK USPS (275-8777).

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