Salisbury Police Chief says foot patrols are working

Salisbury Police Chief says foot patrols are working

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The recently established foot patrols by Salisbury Police are producing positive results, according to Chief Jerry Stokes.

"The area of the city which is the west end, where we have had, in the past, a lot of issues go on there, that was an area that we had the most foot patrols, and that was the area where we saw the most significant reduction in reported crime," Chief Stokes told WBTV.  "A very significant and great outcome that we saw from this."

The foot patrols are in five neighborhoods.

In the Brooklyn South community alone police have seen crime go down this year compared to last. In that specific area, officers have been placed on foot patrol on several streets for an average of 36 minutes.

From July to September last year there were several burglaries and car thefts in that neighborhood, but in that same time frame this year, there was just one shooting and one larceny.

Chief Stokes says this is just one way they hope to make a change in the community.

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