Mount Holly family may lose rented home of 11 years in legal dispute

MOUNT HOLLY, NC (Bria Bell/WBTV) - A Mount Holly family who's been renting the same home for 11 and a half years may lose the right to live there soon after the owner of the property put the house up for sale.

Now, Larry Crews and his family are in a legal dispute with a couple who are trying to close a sale deal on that same house, but North Carolina's real estate laws may protect the Crews from having to lose their home.

Many memories are tied to the home Larry Crews and his family live in on Pinewood Drive in Mount Holly. Crews has rented the house for a little over a decade, and now that it's been put up for sale, he says he wakes up every morning fearful that his entire family will be kicked out on the streets.

The house is more than a home for Crews, who lives there with his wife Bridget and son, Chris.

"This is all we know, we've made our life here," said an emotional Chris.

Their landlord put the house up for sale back in April of this year. Since August, another family in the area is trying to close the deal. But because Crews has a leasing agreement and continues to pay rent, North Carolina real estate laws have protected him from eviction for the time being.

"I was scared," Larry Crews said. "I called my wife in and we went through all the paperwork and process [quickly] and got it straightened out."

Crews is afraid his family will end up with no place to go if he's forced out and while he's still looking for a new home. He says he's had zero luck. He's hoping a judge will be in his favor on October 9, when he'll show up in Gaston County small claims court to try and retain residency.

"We're not being represented at all, and we don't have money to pay for a lawyer, so we're on our own," he said.

WBTV reached out multiple times to the other family involved in this housing dispute, but have yet to hear back.

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